It is such an awesome feeling to know that someone loves your work.

Today in class, I taught a little boy how to shoot a basketball the “proper” way…he was so excited he told me he couldn’t want to go home and tell his mom.

That was the best moment of the day, until I read this awesome mention about me from Erica.

Her sweet son was the little boy that inspired Parker the VW. His name is Parker and he just looks like a box of fun! He loves his shirt and his mom was so sweet to write such nice things about me and my work on her blog.

On her blog, she said that Parker loves the buttons that are the wheels the best…This picture is of little Parker “hugging” his shirt!
Isn’t that just adorable!

Would love it if you could check it out! You can link to it HERE!

Thanks a million Erica for your sweet mention and post about me. I loved this project and can’t wait to start working on Ms. Jazmyne’s shirt!