I LOVE this design. This one may just be my favorite one so far.

…This shirt is a custom order for a new friend in Murfreesboro, Erica and her son Parker…

Erica contacted me wondering if I could do something for her little boy. She loved my designs, but said that he needed something more boyish…I was thrilled. I have been dying to try out a new idea I had swimming around about a VW bug (older style) with a surfboard on top…I love it.

I used this awesome green and blue dot fabric with some red for the surfboard. The two buttons for wheels are just the right touch.

I have had several people tell me that they love my items, but everything is girlie! I did do two boy shirts and you can find them here. I love doing boys stuff as well, just seems like all of my orders lately were for girlie girlies.

I hope that Erica loves it and that little Parker thinks it is cool! I think Parker is a great addition to the Maggie Moo Family. Thanks Erica for your business…This was such a fun project!