I took the plunge and signed up to sale on my new favorite website http://www.etsy.com. If you have not been over to etsy.com, you must check it out. I have bought some of the coolest stuff off there. It is just like Ebay.com, except on etsy.com everything has to be homemade. How cool is that!

I have only listed Ms. Edna on there, but plan to list more in the near future. I currently have about five orders (YEAH!!!!!) to fill, I am so stink’ excited.

If you get the opportunity, hop on over to etsy.com and check me out. I will put the link on here and to the right for quick reference.

I sale under my username on there, which is MaggieMoo’sMom since Maggie Moo Designs was already spoken for!

Continue to check in on here as well…Patti the Peacock is going to make an appearance soon!